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Bits and Pieces

little of this, little of that, lots of oddlings

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12 June 1973
I'm short, occasionally feisty, usually silly, often morbid. I write. A lot. I've discovered an amazing addiction to memes. I'm a suicide blonde--my unnatural hair color is red. I love the colors orange and green....Since some of my favorite shades are orange-orange, flame orange, kelly green, and emerald green....... Well, just hope I don't come and redecorate your house. I also wear glasses and have blue eyes. I am owned by the sweetest, most annoying part-Siamese cat, one Ecco the Evil. I am firmly wrapped around that delicate little grey-dipped paw of hers, and well I know this. And recently, I adopted Max the Annoying. He's a big boy with long white fur, a semilong har rather than a Persian-type. He's LOUD, but loveable.
I'm an avid roleplayer. My favorite RPGs include Call of Cthulu, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Mage: the Ascension, and Vampire" the Masquerade. I also enjoy crosstitching, painting, drawing, editing graphics, gifting my long-suffering friends with semi-yearly boxes full of junk I've made and collected for them, watching people, and griping about my mother and lack of a physical relationship. Oh, and my separated, soon-to-be-ex-husband. I am a Pagan. I try very hard to be a supporting shoulder for my friends, and tend to get downright nasty when those friends are hurt or mistreated. As a last note, Glitter is Good. Shiny is Good. And chocolate proves that the Dieties not only exist, They are kind, compassionate, genoerous, and loving.

EDIT: Max has found a new home, where I think he shall be happy, warm, safe, and very much loved by two little girls with whom he experienced a mutual love upon first meeting.

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