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*beams* [11 Oct 2019|07:51pm]
Today is a wonderful day. A good friend acknowledged who she is publically, and I am so very happy for her!
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Kefira, you'll get this. [25 May 2019|12:37pm]
And get a kick out of it. Alpha, you'll be amused, too, methinks.

So. We went to the farmer's market today. I saw the plants booths and took a look. "hey," think I to myself, "I can't plant in the yard this year, but I have pots. One, maybe two plants'd be fine.
On the way in I noticed a lady selling...um, soap, I think. Something like that. She had a couple of mini totes with a few tomato plants in them, for a buck, or for the smaller ones, 50 cents (and WHY does my keyboard not have a cent symbol key? le sigh). I noticed they looked pretty darn healthy and was impressed.
But inward and onward I go, to the bigger booth inside that sold only plants. Some GORGEOUS plants he had, too!! Couple different basils, some inedible pretties....man even had a couple of plants that were tall, over waisthigh from their position on the floor--with delicate fans of fronds that were twined with some truly lovely morning glories. (Morning glories and tulips being among my favorite flowers.) I don't recall ever seeing morning glory plants being sold, only seeds.
"Hmm," I think. "He's got some unusual suspects here. I wonder if he has stevia? I like the taste and the look of stevia. Bonus, it's stupid easy to root sprigs." Turns out he did. He also had something called wonder berry, which I was warned several times to not eat until the berries were fully black. Are they toxic when green? Yes. Yes, they are. I picked out a plant with some blossoms already dripping with green berries. And a beautiful thickly-leaved stevia that I can tell has already been pruned at least once. Looks like a tiny bush, just about.
And then, he got all excited and wanted to know if I'd ever seen an atomic grape tomato. Why, no, I have not seen this wonder. And nothing would do but that he Google a pic and show me--very pretty, unusual grape tomatoes, orange with purple steaks. So. I got one of those as well. *hangs head* A putz for plants, am I. For ten bucks, these three beauties became my own.

But wait! There's more! And this is where kefira will probably nod in perfect understanding.
I had to go out past the soap lady, and paused to admire her plants. She had 2 varieties, plum and one I can't remember the name of, but it's a medium-sized one. I figured Mom wouldn't mind if we had another potted tomato--particularly as I'm likely going to be eating most/all of the grape ones, since she firmly thinks tomatoes should be RED. Not orange or purple. Good chance she won't eat them unless I nag/bully her into it and she tastes for herself that they are just tomatoes.
Aaaaand, the lady told me that whatever plants didn't sell were going to end up in her compost bin because she has so many at home she's going to grow. These were her excess.
I came away from the farmer's market with 1 atomic grape tomato, 1 wonder berry, 1 stevia....... and 10 more tomatoe plants, plus the banana pepper and the tulsi she also had. Those last? Cost me $6--her offer when I expressed sadness over the imminent demise of healthy young food plants and wondered aloud if I had enough pots to plant them all. When she offered me the lot for that low a price, I decided that yes. Yes, I have enough pots. And I can probably, for tomatoes, talk Mom into driving to the store to buy more dirt (yes. yes, I did).

*sheepish grin* Let's hope all the plants survive and make lots and lots of tomatoes. And stevia. And peppers. And basil. And wonder berries. AHem.
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To garden, or not to garden? [07 Mar 2019|11:15am]
That is the question.

It's time to start thinking about prepping the garden for plants this year. But there's a concern.

After Florence, my yard, and the garden, sat under stagnate water for over a month. We live right by the river. This means there are potentially LOTS of nasties in the earth around here that I'm fearful could end up in the food I could grow. And end up in me. ON the food, that's not an issue in my mind. Even grown in my own yard, I still ~wash~ any fruits, veggies, or herbs I harvest.
I'm not totally sure this is a justifiable fear. I know that some toxins, such as the ick found in exhaust fumes, can be present in dangerous levels in fruits and other parts of a plant. So it's possible there are weird chemcials lingering in the yard that could do the same. I'm honestly not THAT afraid of diseases being transferred inside a plant. Just the chemicals.

So, I've written a couple of emails to places I hope can give me a good starting place for finding out what I need to do to find out. *sigh* Of course, as cold as it is today (It SNOWED here on Tuesday! SNOW! Here! Ew, isk, I shudder.) I'm feeling the urge to go out and get grubby. There's just not much point if I have to Do Things to make the earth here safe. If nothing else, I'll probably try growing some things in pots, but I have a yard so it's not at all the same.

The grass, by the way, is trying hard to come back and HAS in a few places. ALong with weeds that make me whimper at the thought of slicing through that jungle when we start mowing. Erm, when I start mowing, probably. We lost several delights here, too. My new fig tree, our forsythia, my poor stubborn blackberry, and a BUNCH of our poor azaleas. Mom's fine about the 'zaleas. She doesn't like them. We still have the blueberry bushes and, amazingly, my last tea rose made it. Some of Mom's rosebushes did not, others did. We're not sure if the pecan tree made it or not. Also not sure about my poor, poor, sweet baby lilac. He's been through so much! I just hope he made it. *sighs*

Yes, I assign gender and even name some of my plants. Don't judge. *G*

ANyway. Let's hope, eh?
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*grumps* [05 Mar 2019|10:38am]
It was ~snowing~ when I got up this morning. Snowing! *mutters and hunkers down for the day*
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NaNo, Day 6. [06 Nov 2018|06:59am]
Again, I've not started today's writing. But, I'm pleased. While I haven't written 5K every day Thus far, I've written every day and will write today. And my total word count for the month is just barely over 25K, so I'm roughly where I wanted to be. Huzzah!
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Boo! [31 Oct 2018|03:30pm]
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*WIDE grin!!* [30 Oct 2018|09:35pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

We're just hours away from The Most Wonderful Day!

Happy Halloween Even, everyone! *beams widely*

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Buh, wha'? [24 Jul 2018|11:57am]
[ mood | amused ]

My cat, Bean.
Bean, thinking: I wish toi lounge in the windowsill. I shall walk across She-Who-Gives-Food's flat thing with the annoying device that I am not permitted to lay on to get to my preferred lounging spot.

Me: watches the cat do this thing. And watches her step Right Into my coffee cup, luckily holding COLD coffee. ANd THEN watches her be ~completely oblivious to the fact that her hind foot is soaking wet to the ankle in coffee for ten solid minutes~.

Bean: oblivious and comfy in her perch.

Me: boggling

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Mew.... [23 Jun 2018|12:57pm]
[ mood | hot ]

Feelin' hot hot hot.
Oyvey. Heat index in the ouch. High humidity. Aaaaand a job where one is outside for long spans of time.
We have no awning. The area we normally lurk--since we are required to use both yards--has little to no shade from about 9AM until after we're (should be) done for the day. So, in full sun. I asked Boss if we could perhaps get some sort of awning, even a beach umbrella or something for that spot. Would also be lovely when it rains to have a little more shelter than the eaves of the building.
Dya before yesterday I was displaying symptoms of heat exhaustion. Luckily, it did not progress. I'd rather be drenched in sweat to the point I look like I've just showered than suffer heat stroke.
Does not help that we do not have A/C at home: my poor beasties and Mom! It makes me wonder how the human race survived for millenia without A/C. I suppose we're a lot softer and far more spoiled now.

On a happy note--a tomato plant that I didn't plant has sprouted spontaneously in the big garden! And it has flowers!! Thank you, Gods, for this gift. *beams widely*

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New glasses. [16 May 2018|11:23am]
I am in bifocals now. I do not think I like bifocals-although I DO like being able to see.
It feels like there's a huge smudge on my glasses with bifocals. I keep wanting to clean my new glasses, but I know it won't really work as it's not a smudge. *L*
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OK, so I'm a Crowdtapper. [20 Mar 2018|11:21am]
Which is an awesome program whereby you do fun stuff, like reviewing products, in exchange for getting those products for free.
Recently, I took part in a campaign involving Unilever products. Specifically, four products that I'm going to give my honest opinion of. *G* So, here we go.

To begin, I live in a high-humidity area. This relates to a few of the opinions below.

The first product in my box was Dove Sry Spray Antiperspirant Cleartone, in pink rosa scent. This antiperspirant is supposed to last for 48 hours. I must say, it doesn't lie. I apply antiperspirant every day-working in a kennel is a very physical job and I tend to sweat like mad (not always cuddling kittens and playing with puppies, ya'll! *G*). My normal antiperspirant left me with wet pits halfway through the day. Dove Dry Spray? Nope. Dry even during the busiest parts of the day. I even tried an experiment, and deliberately didn't re-apply on a day off, and then worked in the garden for most of the day. By late afternoon, I only had slight dampness in my armpit area, which was very nice. I also didn't have that not-so-lovely "you've been working in full sun most of the day" aroma. Big bonus.
Now, on to the rest. When applying, it's cold, but then, it's a spray. I've never applied a spray deoderant/antiperspirant....or for that matter, hairspray or even perfume that ~wasn't~ cold when first applied. But it didn't leave my skin wet, which always provokes the chicken-flap to dry and dry off before getting dressed for the day. Wonderful! And, Dove promises that this product will 'help restore skin to its natural tone.' While it feels odd to say, my armpits are feeling much softer than they did before I began using this product. This claim is not false in my experience.
Now, the downsides. I don't like the scent much. It's not hideous, I can tolerate it, but I don't like it. It's too fruity for my taste. I'm planning on buying more when I run out, but there are other fragrances in the line and I'll be choosing one of them. That's really my only complaint here.
In conclusion for this product, Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant Cleartone is a very good product, one I'd highly recommend to others.

Next on the list are Dove Nourishing Rituals Shampoo and Conditioner, Thickening Ritual. These are two separate products, obviously, but since they're a 'set', if you will, I'll consider them together.
They claim to give you fuller and thicker looking hair, and I can't deny that my hair did seem fuller. Or rather, poofier.
I was worried about the scent, because while they contain lavender oil and rosemary extract, I thought I smelled a hint of vanilla. However, once I actually used them, there was no trace of vanilla in my hair, which was very nice. Instead, my hair smelled fresh and very slightly floral. I REALLY like the scent. I could bathe in it and be happy.
Both of these products felt almost silky when I was using them, and they, combined, made my hair feel so soft it was incredible. I noticed my hair also seemed shinier.
Downside time. I have curly, coarse, damaged hair. It frizzes--badly. I don't normally use thickening shampoos or conditioners, because I truly do not need more volume in my hair. When one has a tendency to look like a crazed dandelion gone to seed, one typically tries to find ways to keep one's hair from being so....voluminous. So these are not the products I would've chosen for myself. Now, my Mom has thinner hair with a tendency to be flat. She also used these products and had pretty much the same results: very soft, shinier hair with increased volume. That's why I can recommend both of them to anyone who wants softer, shinier, fuller hair: they do work. Bonus is the scent. I probably won't buy these specific products again (even though the scent makes them my favorites), but I plan on trying one of the other Rituals line.

On to the final product in my box. TRESemme Compressed Micromist Invisible Hold hairspray. Natural finish, Extend hold level 4. This was my least favorite product and the one I felt was the least effective. Firstly, the scent is really fruity to me and I've already established I don't like fruity scents. (Fruity scents are for fruit, which i eat. Not my hair or skin, which I do not eat.) The product claims to hold your hairstyle while allowing your hair to move. My hair did move, and it didn't feel sticky or hard like many hairsprays can leave it. However, it didn't do the hold part very well. I applied it when getting ready for work every day for a week, around 5 AM. By 11 AM, my hair was.....not held. Remember the dandelion comment above? Yeah, that.
I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with frizzy or curly hair. If you have straight or wavy hair, it'd probably work better for you. Maybe even very well. If all you need is light, gentle control, espcially in a low-humidity area and/or for a short period of time, then I'm sure this would be an excellent choice.

I'll round everything up. Dove Dry Spray Cleartone, pink rosa, gets an A in my book. Dove Nourishing Rituals shampoo and conditioner, Thickening Ritual, both get an A+. TRESemme Compressed Micromist hairspray gets a C-.

Have a good day, folks!
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*shivers* [06 Jan 2018|12:44pm]
So cold. Also, snow. I am not fond of snow. Was the only person who made it in on Thursday. Very cold.
I really would like to have heat in this house. *sigh*
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Did it! [28 Nov 2017|04:14pm]
Won NaNo. *beams*
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Hmmmmm.... [01 Oct 2017|08:32pm]
Nope, not ready for a full-blown return to the fray. But, maybe a little dip of my toe into the pool, here.

Do you know how Halloween and other holidays that seem similar are celebrated around the world?
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*panting* [12 Jul 2017|02:34pm]
[ mood | hot ]

So hot. *whimpers*

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So, [14 Jun 2017|02:48pm]
I've been 44 for 2 days. *L* And they've been pleasant days. Plus, this year's adult summer reading program started on my birthday. It's going to be FUN!
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*yawn* [20 May 2017|03:53pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Recently been reading a lot of Patricia Briggs, and Ilona Andrews. Both are good writers of the urban fantasy genre. Well, all 3 of them I should say. Andrews is a duo writing under one name. If you like were-whatsits, vampires, and the good neighbors, I recommend checking them both out.

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I'm back! [07 May 2017|08:47pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Again. For I have a new computer. YAY! Heck. No promises, but I feel shabby enough that I may even do up Halloween this year. At least a link or twa.

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Hmm. [19 Jul 2016|11:37pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Yes, I know, it's been a while since I've posted. Sorry about that. Murfle. (Hey, alpha--I got a new phone and tried to call you to give you the number although we've not spoken in AGES. *L* Call did not go through, sadly. And yes, this was a sidenote.)
Recently I've been trying to fuddle through the "small changes" suggested by 52 Small Changes for the Mind by Brett Blumenthal. I'm proud of myself thus far. I'm on week 8 and so far I've implemented all except this week's, more or less. Whee.
Also joined the adult summer reading program at the library. I won two prize drawings so far. I am really hoping to win the grand prize. *deep breath* Really am.
And I have another dog. Have had for a while. *L* Can't figure out how to connect my new phone to this comp (it's Mom's, mine died. Le sigh.) to pop in a pic of my Penne Sassypiddle. Hers is an older comp that still uses the round plugs for everything.
But, on the bright side--I figured out how to set up voice mail! Don't laugh; this is a major accomplishment. Never did manage to slog through the convoluted rules and hoops and red tape wreaths to get is set up on my old phone. I shall take it as a victory.
And now, braintired me shall stop babbling and toddle. Night, ya'll!

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[07 Oct 2015|07:53pm]
As may be obvious, I went ahead and gave up on it this year instead of next. Meer.
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