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Hmm. [19 Jul 2016|11:37pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Yes, I know, it's been a while since I've posted. Sorry about that. Murfle. (Hey, alpha--I got a new phone and tried to call you to give you the number although we've not spoken in AGES. *L* Call did not go through, sadly. And yes, this was a sidenote.)
Recently I've been trying to fuddle through the "small changes" suggested by 52 Small Changes for the Mind by Brett Blumenthal. I'm proud of myself thus far. I'm on week 8 and so far I've implemented all except this week's, more or less. Whee.
Also joined the adult summer reading program at the library. I won two prize drawings so far. I am really hoping to win the grand prize. *deep breath* Really am.
And I have another dog. Have had for a while. *L* Can't figure out how to connect my new phone to this comp (it's Mom's, mine died. Le sigh.) to pop in a pic of my Penne Sassypiddle. Hers is an older comp that still uses the round plugs for everything.
But, on the bright side--I figured out how to set up voice mail! Don't laugh; this is a major accomplishment. Never did manage to slog through the convoluted rules and hoops and red tape wreaths to get is set up on my old phone. I shall take it as a victory.
And now, braintired me shall stop babbling and toddle. Night, ya'll!

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[07 Oct 2015|07:53pm]
As may be obvious, I went ahead and gave up on it this year instead of next. Meer.
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Well, here it comes.... [28 Aug 2015|06:19pm]
The most wonderful month of the year is nearing ever closer. *L* And so, I'm asking for ideas for themes, or random links, things to look up--whatever you like. I'm also making an announcement. This will be the last year I do my Halloween linkfest extravaganza. I love doing it, oh yes. However..... To be honest, while whenever I whine people tell me they look forward to it--but two comments a year aren't worth the hours of energy it takes me to think up these themes and find the best links related to them that I can scrounge up. Yes, I'm praise-driven. No, I'm not asking for praise and petting this year. I'm just retiring the tradition. So, please enjoy and have fun, yeah? *G* Party on.
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HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!! [31 Oct 2014|09:13am]
Squee! So excited, my favorite holiday!!!!!!!
What an awesome day!!!!Collapse )
Everyone, I hope you and yours (including, of course, your furry friends) have a simply GLORIOUS Halloween. Or Samhain, depending on your religious persuasion.
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You spin me right 'round, baby. [30 Oct 2014|05:57am]
Doors need love, too.Collapse )
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The name is Batty. [29 Oct 2014|06:09am]
The logic is erratic.Collapse )
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I already told you where the rum is...... [28 Oct 2014|10:46am]
[ mood | ]

I do not drink.....wine.....Collapse )

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But where is the rum? [27 Oct 2014|09:50am]
The rum isn't here!Collapse )
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Meow. [26 Oct 2014|05:55am]
Here, kitty, kitty!Collapse )
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Let there be light! [25 Oct 2014|05:47am]
For even in the darkness, there is light.Collapse )
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We're getting closer to that most magical of days! [24 Oct 2014|05:48am]
And in honor of this, another theme I've not done before--I think.Collapse )
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Make it pretty. [23 Oct 2014|06:06am]
After all, food can be enhanced with the right inedible accompaniments.Collapse )
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You know, it occurs to me.... [22 Oct 2014|05:55am]
....that you'll need something to put your goodies in.Collapse )
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Accessorize! [21 Oct 2014|08:00am]
Accessories are so very useful.Collapse )
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Party down with the Fireys! [20 Oct 2014|07:17pm]
Bonus points if you can identify the quote. Hint, it isn't from a horror movie.Collapse )
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Time to dress up the furkids! [19 Oct 2014|07:15am]
Animals are people too!Collapse )
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Sometimes people scare me. [18 Oct 2014|08:28am]
I have no idea why some folks want to do these things to themselves.Collapse )
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Think about it. [17 Oct 2014|06:21am]
Process of elimination, my friend.Collapse )
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Science fiction, double feature.... [16 Oct 2014|06:26am]
Doctor X will build a creature....Collapse )
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Egnimatic or not? [15 Oct 2014|06:47pm]
X marks the spot.Collapse )
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